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HERBASINICA is the leading provider of chinese medicinal herbs in germany

We have been defining standards in the industry since 1996.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern Western medicine: Worlds meet here with their completely different cultures, conceptions and also scientific approaches. To optimally utilize synergy effects from these contrasting sides we need experts who have the courage and perseverance to stand for their vision of TCM in Europe: Quality and professionalism from plantation to preparation.
HerbaSinica was founded in 1996 by Chinese botanist Dr. Wenjun Zhong und German pharmacist Eberhard Hilsdorf. Consistent increase in demand allowed for steady company growth and enabled optimization of logistics and service. Our team is most passionate about continuous quality assurance for all our products. We were the first supplier of fully certified herbs. Today we are the only provider of Chinese herbs on the European market, that has their own plantation in China to source their products from.